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Green Touch plants is a Galway based company supplying Indoor plants & stylish pots to Galway  homes & offices for over 25 years.

Interior Plants are being used increasingly to create an impressive image, an ambient atmosphere and to boost productivity in the work place.

Plants bring a breath of fresh air to any interior effectively cleansing the air naturally. It has been proven that pollutants emitted from computers and other electronic appliances can be organically removed by plants.

We have vast experience in Interior Plant Design and have access to a large range of Interior Plants and pots from suppliers from all over the world.

We love to help people with their Indoor plants. We cater for offices, hotels, leisure centers, showrooms and homes etc.

Our aim is to use our vast knowledge to make sure we use plants that work best in different environments and complete a design that is both aesthetic and practical.

Our experienced team will carry out a full installation service for you. Get in touch today.

Olive tree Wildlands Moycullen 1
Olive tree Wildlands Moycullen

The Benefits of Indoor Plants


Enhanced Interiors

Indoor plants create a special ambience and a sense of calm in any space. They bring nature indoors, graceful palms and ivies cascading over bookshelves and kitchen units can soften and enhance naturally.

Reduction of sound levels

Plants can reduce sound levels and create natural screening when placed in long planters.

Improving your mood

The presence of plants can naturally lift your mood. They enrich your health & well-being as they relieve stress and anxiety to relax and rejuvenate the body.

Increased Productivity

Plants can increase productivity & improve your mental health at work. Plants are a healthy restorative distraction from computer screens and are linked to reduction of absenteeism in the workplace.

Reduce Humidity

Indoor plants naturally reduce humidity and purify the air, creating a more comfortable interior space. The absorption of carbon dioxide and emission of oxygen refreshes the air.



Creative Advice

We will come to your office or home and offer you practical and creative advice on how to enhance your environment with the most suitable plants & pots. Our experienced team will supply and install Interior plants that will work best for your environment.

Services we provide

Plant & Pots Purchase

We have a great range of stylish pots that we can advise you on and they play a big part in giving your interior space the complete look. We will recommend what plants to purchase for your environment. We only supply the finest specimen plants which we import on regular basis from Holland.


Rental of Plant Displays

We have a huge range of stylish Pots & Plants to rent for your space.  The right plants & pots play a big part in giving your interiors the complete look. We provide a short term rental service if plants are needed for a special event or an opening.


Maintenance Services

Plants add so much to any Interior space. Our maintenance service makes sure they continue to look healthy and fresh. A quality maintenance service is vital for any type of plant, ensuring they look good and healthy. Our qualified staff will ensure your plant displays will always look great.

Our Products

large olive trees


We are a Galway based provider of Fresh Indoor plants, Artificial plants, Green walls & Plant Pots to offices, Leisure Complexes, Banks, Shops, Pubs, Restaurants and other outfits. We supply a varied range of stylish Pots and Plants to suit all interiors.

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Pots and Plant Holders

We offer a wide range of pots and plants. It is important to create the right impression and with professional plantscape design, with rental and maintenance will help to establish an image of success for your business.



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